Study Geology

Anyone can study geology after leaving school; there are several institutions in Ireland that offer qualifications in geology. Your teacher in school will tell you where you can go to study geology. Geology is often a passion that becomes a job. There are science camps organised in Ireland and abroad where you can learn more about geology. There are even palaeontology camps where you can help palaeontologists to look for fossils. Geologists are always happy to talk about what they do, so don’t hesitate to contact a geologist to find out more about their job or ask for an internship.

In Ireland, the Bachelor’s degree in geology takes three or four years and the Master’s degree takes one year. The modules you’ll study will depend on the university you decide to go to but in your first year, you’ll do general study and look at other sciences as well, and in the following years, you’ll focus more on geology and its different sub-disciplines. Geology can be very multidisciplinary; this is why geologists also study a little bit of physics, chemistry and biology at university. 

After your studies, you can decide to do a PhD to specialise in a topic that you are particularly interested in or you can find a job as a geologist. There are many sectors that employ geologists, such as energy (renewable or oil and gas), environmental geology, mining, hydrogeology, communication, natural hazards and risks, engineering geology, etc. Geology will give you skills that are sought after in the employment market, like critical thinking, communication and writing skills, IT skills, attention to detail, etc.

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